Associate Dean Mary Garvey Algero Participates in Portland Legal Writing Conference

Mary Garvey Algero participated in the 17th Biennial Conference of the Legal Writing Institute in Portland, Oregon on July 11, 2016. She was part of a panel presentation by sitting deans and associate deans on legal research and writing leadership in academia.  The discussion was titled “Professional Development: Why LRW Professors Are Uniquely Qualified to (and Should) Lead the Academy.”  The conference program described the discussion as follows:

While LRW professors continue to fight for equal status in the academy, a growing number of LRW instructors have broken through to serve in the highest offices in law schools:  deans and associate deans. From the vantage point of the law school’s front office, these former LRW professors are well-positioned to remediate past injustices, to understand the critical importance of LRW in the curriculum, to close the gap between skills courses and podium courses, and to lead the academy as it renews its focus on skills, competencies, and lawyering.

Professor Algero directs the Legal Research and Writing Program here at Loyola.