3L Caleb R. Trotter Receives Public Interest Litigation Fellowship at Pacific Legal Foundation

Caleb R. Trotter, a current third year law student, has received a Public Interest Litigation Fellowship at Pacific Legal Foundation.

Mr. Trotter will work in the Sacramento, California, headquarters of Pacific Legal Foundation, the largest and oldest national public interest law foundation litigating in support of private property rights, environmental balance, individual liberties, limited government, and the free enterprise system. Guided by experienced attorneys, each Fellow will participate in hands-on litigation, including lead attorney responsibilities in both trial level and appellate cases; write publishable legal scholarship; and attend on-site training for MCLE credit.  

Caleb is a member of the Loyola Law Review 2013-2015. He was an ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition Moot Court Team Oralist 2014; Vice President of The Federalist Society 2013-2014; and Teaching Assistant to Professor Patrick Hugg for Istanbul-Athens Field Study, May 2014.