22 Loyola Professors and Alumni Sign Jesuit Law School Alumni Letter to Congress

Over 120 alumni of Jesuit law schools delivered a letter to Congressional leadership and the offices of Jesuit-educated members of Congress calling for passage of bipartisan criminal justice reform legislation.  Among the signatories are 22 professors and alumni of Loyola University College of Law.  The letter coincides with the one-year anniversary of Pope Francis’s historic address to Congress last September. 

A press release publicizing the letter states in part “The signatories noted that many elements of the current U.S. system provide inadequate justice and in some cases perpetuate injustice. These deficiencies include disproportionate sentences as a result of mandatory minimums, the lack of care for victims once a trial ends, countless individuals returning from jail and prison inadequately prepared to re-enter society, and our country’s reliance on the justice system to solve drug addiction, poverty, mental illness and joblessness.”  House and Senate versions of the letter call on Congress to pass legislation “that addresses the length of nonviolent drug offenses, provides meaningful anti-recidivism programs in prison, and limits federal life without parole sentences and solitary confinement for juveniles.”

There following members of the College of Law community signed the letter:

Professor Andrea Armstrong 

Professor Chunlin Leonhard

Professor Karen Sokol

Elizabeth Benki, 2012

Ashley Crawford, 2016

Erica Flaherty, 2006

Marc Florman, 2013

Rev. Thomas Green SJ, 1989

Amelia Hoppe, 2014

Judge Calvin Johnson, 1978

Matthew Joseph, 2006

Anna Lellelid, 2013

Sophia Mire, 2015

Joshua Pichon, 2013

William Quigley, 1977

Jessica Salafia, 2016

Mauricio Sierra, 2013

Candice Sirmon, 2002

Deacon Thomas Stadnik, 1979

Matthew Steel, 2016

Elisabeth Tetlow, 1984

Adrienne Wheeler, 2011