1985 Alumnus Ramón Abadin Honored by Miami-Dade County School Board

Florida Bar President Ramón Abadin, J.D. ’85, was recognized by the School Board of Miami-Dade County, which passed a resolution in his honor at their November 18th meeting.  The resolution applauds his 27 year career as a law practitioner, and reads in part “Ramón Abadin solidified his reputation as a top-notch legal mind when he was sworn in as the most recent president of the Florida Bar Association, where he will focus on technology issues, continuing education and encouraging lawyers to embrace change.” It goes on to say “Ramón Abadin is to be commended for serving the legal needs and interests of the South Florida community. His success is a testament to his perseverance, leadership and pursuit of justice.”

Abadin appears in the photo with Miami-Dade School Board member Raquel Regalado.