1L Professionalism Convocation

For the past three years, Loyola College of Law host a 1L Professionalism Convocation Ceremony specifically planned after students receive their first semester grades. The ceremony is an opportunity to realign students with their sense of purpose for choosing law school and coordinating efforts to assist in their own professional identity formation.  For each student, the path after their first year is one that is unique to their own goals, aspirations and career plans. Our hope is to begin helping students create a vision for their own path.

The ceremony always includes a guest judge who provides opening remarks on professionalism and success in the law. Toward the end of the ceremony the judge administers the Student Professionalism Pledge where students promise to conduct themselves with “dignity and civility and show kindness and respect toward my classmates, teachers and all persons.”  One important aspect of the evening is to reorient the class toward definitions of success beyond academic credentials to weighted character formation and moral development.

We also provide resources for students to begin planning their future path through an online flipbook. The flipbook provides information about internships, externships, career development, clinic, Gillis Long, pro bono, the Office of Skills and  Experiential Learning and also how to order professional student business cards.  Hopefully, the resources will encourage students to begin thinking about career goals, experiential learning and academic pursuits early in their law school career.

Below are some highlights from our previous ceremonies, including this year.

2015 1L Professionalism Convocation 

Resource Flipbook 

Student Professionalism Oath

Students are placed in breakout rooms with practitioners

2014 1L Professionalism Convocation



Video of Ceremony

2013 1L Professionalism Convocation